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I use a network scanner to scan directly to folders. The files do not appear in the folder that is scanned into for a day or hours. I can manually refresh the folders and the files do not appear. I can close and re-open the folder and they do not appear. The only way to get scanned files to show up is to restart the computer.

The whole time the files are viewable from the server as scanned in successfully.
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You will need to disable offline files on the computer. This can be done via GPO or on each individual computer.

To GPO can be found in the following location

Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files

Change the following:

Allow or disallow use of offline files feature: Disabled
Prohibit user config: Enabled
Sync all offline files when logging on: Disabled
Sync all offline files when logging off: Disabled
Sync offline files before suspend: Disabled
Remove ‘Make offline’: Enabled
Prevent use of Offline Files folder: Enabled

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