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AzureAd - How to hybrid AD join a azure registered windows 10 computer

How to join a computer to on premises and azure ad at the same time.

Been trying to find a way to hybrid join a Azure AD registered computer. Spoke with someone at ignite and they said the best solution was to use autopilot

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You can run the following command as SYSTEM,  "dsregcmd /join". To run it on a remote computer you can run it with psexec or stay in powershell and run Invoke-CommandAs. It is compatible with Powershell 3 and above.

To install Invoke-CommandAs:

  1. Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -Force
  2. Install-Module Invoke-CommandAs -Confirm:$False -Force
To hybrid join an existing Active Directory joined machine:
  1. Install Invoke-CommandAs on local machine
  2. Run Invoke-CommandAs -ComputerName computernamegoeshere -ScriptBlock { "dsregcmd /join"} -AsSystem -RunElevated
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